Monday, March 11, 2013


The video link above shows Harris Elementary's gym and art class combined last week.  The students learned about circle painting. Circle Painting is devoted to community-based art. Circle Painting is a group of artists, teachers, and community leaders who are all for art and want to bring art for all into communities. They are based in Southern California.  Since we could not bring this creative group to us, I decided to use their project as inspiration and create some circle painted murals, Harris style. 

or check them out on Facebook!

We couldn't have done this project without our gym teacher, Mr. Quarando. We had around 60 students in the gym at a time, painting, doing sit-ups, pull ups  and playing a bean bag relay. The gym was set up in stations so that each student could paint and also perform some fitness assessments as well. It was an exhausting week for us, but totally worth it! 

By Friday, all 600 of our Harris students will have taken part of this giant mural project.  This is why I love my job! 

Just a portion of our group circle mural :) The kids are having a blast. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finger Knit Weaving!

Who doesn't LOVE finger knitting?! I can tell you that pretty much every third and fourth grade student LOVES finger knitting at Harris Elementary. The students have been hard at work finger knitting at home, recess, library and art classes to work on this large weaving project pictured above. 

 Remember the post about t-shit weaving on a HOOLA HOOP? Well, we did the same thing, but with finger knit rope and then tied them together to make a giant rug. This rug will be used as a wall hanging in our school and will be on display at our annual art show on April 3rd!  

This is a school-wide project that everyone in our school has worked on and is about 6' x 4'.