Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Owls at Night on Recycled Dictionary Pages

These awesome owls were created by our 4th graders. 
-The students started by using recycled dictionary pages from old children's dictionaries. 
 -Using watered down Elmer's glue and brushes, the students created a collage with the torn book pages. 
- Next the students painted some sort of perch (branch, rock, fence, etc) for the owl to set on, on top of the book pages. 
-The sky was colored with the edge of a pealed crayon so that the pattern of the words would show some. 
-The owls were drawn and painted on a separate piece of paper. 
- For the final step, the students cut out the owls and then I hot glued a packing peanut in between the owl and the background so that the owls were three-dimensional. 

I hope you enjoy our recycled creations! 


  1. Very nicely done! All quite individual too :)Elizabeth

  2. Are those dictionaries? Brilliant! Language Arts and Art!!!