Thursday, April 4, 2013

Harris Elementary Art Show 2013

Mrs. Mount painting a tiny hand.
 Our 4th grade Dale Chihuly inspired oversized flowers.

Some students and their family members taking photos. 

Finger knit weaving

3rd grade Fall Trees. Th students learned a little bit about perspective by adding trees in the foreground, middle ground and background. 

 3rd grade tiered cakes inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud.

"All about ME" word collages. This was a mixed media project using recycled dictionary pages, magazines, yarn, texture sheets and foil. 

Our P.E. teacher, Mr. Quarando painting a student's face. 

Ms. Knight painting a student's face. 

These are some cool mustaches! 

4th grade copper name plates

Matthew peeking through our SCREAM mural, inspired by Edvard Munch!

Show me your best SCREAM face! 

Mrs. Mount painting away. 

Special guest, Mrs. Winiasz face painting at the art show! 

Our Principal, Mrs. Schwartz painting a student's hand :). 

Some parents checking out our awesome finger knit weaving. 


  1. What a fun night! Mrs. Renner you did such a wonderful job on our Art show!

  2. Love your photos and ideas!!! We are planning our school's art show now- would love to borrow your 'the scream' idea... how did you suspend it? Is it hanging from the basketball hoop?

  3. Yes, please tell us how you went about creating this grid and what materials you used to hang it!

  4. Yes, it is hanging from the basketball hoop. I made A simple frame with pieces of wood and attached it to the frame. I added two screws and wrap the wire around them to hang from the basketball hoop. The mural is actually pasted onto a giant piece of cardboard and then that is attached to the wooden frame.

  5. How did you go about creating the actual huge mural? Did you do the sketch on each page and then have the students color/paint each single paper before putting it all together ?

  6. I would also love to know how you made the grid to or assignments for each page to then fit it together as a whole to make the complete mural. It looks amazing!!

  7. I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this blog entry on my blog for art teachers who are looking for bulletin board ideas and large wall displays. jan